Meet Our International Presiding Bishop

Bishop Samuel White has dedicated his life to the service of Christendom. 

In 1974, the LORD called him to work in His vineyard in Edwardsville, Illinois, where he was so moved to establish Grace Temple Church Of God In Christ.  He went on to pastor Monroe Memorial Church in Alton, Illinois, where he currently serves.

Pastor White has served within the Church Of God In Christ organization for more than thirty-six years, during which time he has faithfully held such positions as District Superintendent, Board of Superintendents Chairman, Jurisdictional Comptroller, Budget Committee Chairman, Finance Chairman, National Constitution Committee Member, and organizer of Church Systems and Functions.

He is a writer.  Throughout his tenure, he has written and assisted in the writing of several documents.  Pastor White wrote the Financial Plan for Districts and Jurisdictions, which was adopted by the National Church Of God In Christ.  He was a contributor of information written in the “Jurisdictional Policy & Procedural Manual”, which was written by Bishop W. Wesley Sanders and adopted by the General Board and General Assembly of the Church Of God In Christ.  He contributed information written in the book, “The First Five Centuries of the Christian Church”, by Dr. Donald Weeks.  Pastor White has several books and pamphlets written to his own credit.  He is a Workshop Facilitator and a Financial Consultant for Virtually Tax-Free and Virtually Debt-Free programs. 

Pastor White has served the local community in many avenues, for many years.  He is the sponsor of an outstanding program entitled “Widows of Distinction”, a ministry serving widows of deceased clergymen and deceased community leaders across the States of Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, Colorado and Tennessee.  He is a community leader, serving on many distinguished boards and committees in the Alton area, and has received numerous awards, commendations and accolades.

After the demise of Bishop W. Wesley Sanders, Jurisdictional Prelate of Missouri Second Jurisdiction, Church Of God In Christ, Pastor White was called of the LORD again.  This time the LORD placed before him a work that he had never done (Joshua 3:3-4, KJV). 

On April 25, 2009, Pastor White was consecrated to the bishopric.  On July 10, 2009 he founded United Fellowship International Ministries, Inc., and is now serving as the Presiding Bishop.  To this Fellowship, several bishops, pastors and other independent leaders have found a safe haven to operate and carry out the Godly charge given them.  The Fellowship has now grown beyond 1,000 plus members.

Bishop White has made a personal commitment to God, to himself and to the people he serves—“to affect the next generation”.  With God, his challenges are endless.  He is reaching the lost, the downtrodden, the bruised, the battered and hurting Saints of the Most High God; saying to all,  THERE IS ROOM—FOR YOU.

International Presiding Bishop Samuel White

United Fellowship International Ministries, Inc.